David C.

Selling a house in a down market can be a pain. I say this like I know anything about it, but I don’t. I’ve never sold a house in any market. However we were lucky to have Jamie & his team to help us out. He figured out the complicated stuff and told us what to do, which was a real blessing since 1.) I live 4 hours away from the area and 2.) as I mentioned I don’t know a single thing about realty.

They handled all the stuff necessary to get us on the market. They even threw in some stuff to make the process easier. They made a bunch of key suggestions that must have done the job since they got the house sold in record time- for asking (which I should mention is a good thing- did I mention the down market?)

Apparently the buyer’s agent was a little difficult to deal with, but we didn’t have to deal with her- Team Blair did it for us. While I’m not sure I recommend selling your house- I know the perfect people who can handle it if you have to.

Highly recommend theses guys!